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 “Community Hubs Australia work with federal state, and local governments; business, philanthropic and not-for-profit organisations; and community organisations to deliver proven grassroots programs that increase connection between individuals and communities.” (


At Dandenong West Primary School, our Community Hub works with local services to provide information around education, health, community and settlement into a familiar and friendly place. Being part of our Hub helps families create friendships, support networks and provides a sense of belonging. It can also help preschool children especially feel at home in their school environment and more prepared for when they start school.


Working together with our partners, Keysborough Learning Centre and AMES, we are able to provide weekly English Classes for all learning levels. We also provide weekly health and well-being programs and Playgroup.

At Dandenong West Primary School, everyone is welcome to join in all our activities. We hope to see you soon!


For more information, contact the School Office or email our hub at  

Abby and Rahima

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