School Council

The School Council at Dandenong West Primary School is comprised of nine members, six of whom are elected by Parents and two elected by the Staff. The School Principal is always a member of School Council


The primary role of the School Council is to:

  • determine the general educational policy of the school within the guidelines issued by the Department of Education & Training

  • initiate action considered necessary for the welfare of the school

Money and Valuables

Students should not bring money or valuables in the way of jewelry, electronic toys and other valuable items to school.


When money is sent to school to cover excursions, fundraising or social service collections, the correct amount of money should be enclosed in an envelope bearing your child's name, grade amount of money enclosed and the purpose, e.g. Tennis Excursion or Book Club.


Students are NOT to bring or use mobile phones at school.  Parents requiring their child to carry a mobile phone for safety or security reasons must seek prior approval from the Principal or Assistant Principal.


In these cases the student should leave their phone with the classroom teacher for the day who will secure it in their office.

Opening Hours

School Hours: 9:00am until 3:30.  

Lunch : 11am to 11:40am

Recess : 1:50pm to 2:30pm

Office Hours: 8:30am to 4:00pm

The students are supervised for 15 minutes prior and after school hours.





Good Morning Club

A breakfast and games program is available for students before school on a Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday. It is held in the Bristol from 8:15am to 8:45am.