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Return to fulltime onsite school: 1 November 2021
Cup Day holiday 2 November 2021.

2022 enrolments are open. Contact our office to book a tour, or for more information, 9792 2868.


It is a privilege to welcome you to Dandenong West Primary School. We believe that all learning is founded on building strong relationships with students, parents and carers as well as with services and organisations that can support our work. 

Our staff are passionate educators, who are committed to ensuring students are supported to achieve their best in an environment that is stimulating and caring. At Dandenong West, we want our students to be passionate learners, who are motivated to come to school because they know they will have opportunities to challenge themselves and achieve their potential in a school where every student matters.

Our rich and vibrant multicultural community makes the school an exciting place for students, staff and families to learn together. We take great pride in the opportunities we provide for both student learning and adult learning.  Our Community Hub provides a range of services and programs for our community.

I invite you to visit our school and hopefully join our community.

Bev Hansen


We welcome the enrolment of all children. See what is required and the process all applications take. 


Find out what is happening at Dandenong West Primary School in our fortnightly newsletter.

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We welcome all enquiries you may have in relation to our school. Click below for contact details.


Term 1 start: January 27

Term 1 end: April 1

Term 2 start: April 19

Term 2 end: June 25

Term 3 start: July 12

Term 3 end: September 17

Term 4 start: October 4

Term 4 end: December 17