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At Dandenong West we have a Wellbeing Team, who not only work with students, but are available to support families on a range of issues from parenting to housing. The Wellbeing Team work alongside all of our families to provide opportunities for you to be involved in the school and in your child's learning. They work together to encourage before and after school events, such as Breakfast Club, bike riding and table tennis. They also run school groups, such as girl and boy groups as well as interventions and restorative chats to address behavioural or friendship issues.


On Thursdays afternoons, a youth group is held for our senior students to encourage healthy social interactions and participation in games and activities. 


What you get when you join Dandenong West Primary School is a feeling of being a part of a community.


Values Education


At Dandenong West we have developed a Values Program that is expressed through the Dandenong West Heart Values.

  • Honesty

  • Empathy

  • A Positive Attitude

  • Respect

  • Tolerance


Student Awards

We value all of our students' learning and their ability to participate and interact in a class community. Our staff members regularly notice that some students stand up and stand out to make Dandenong West Primary School proud. We endeavour to recognise and validate their good actions through positive reinforcement and modelling via these awards.

Outstanding students who have demonstrated excellent behaviour and have upheld their HEART Values are rewarded with a HEART Award every term.

Every week, outstanding students who have found success through academic achievements and hard work are recognised for their efforts by being rewarded with a Principal's Award.



Regular attendance helps children establish positive school habits, good social habits and the development of independence.  Absences hinder your child's progress, but if your child is unwell we recommend resting at home as this prevents the spreading of colds, flu and infectious diseases.


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