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Term 3: Holiday Extension

والدین و سرپرستان عزیز ،

ما امیدواریم که همه اعضای خانواده Dandenong West ما در رخصتی مکتب به خوبی و صحت کامل به سر ببرید. روز سه‌شنبه دولت اعلام كرد كه ملبورن برای 6 هفته آینده به محدودیت‌های مرحله 3 بازمی‌گردد. به عنوان بخشی از این بازگشت به محدودیت ها ، یک هفته به رخصتی مکتب نیز اضافه خواهد شد. بازگشت به مکتب برای شاگردان اکنون دوشنبه 20 جون است. از مکاتب خواسته شده است برای بازگشت احتمالی برای یادگیری از خانه آماده شوند ، در حالی که این قطعی نیست به نظر می رسد احتمالی باشد.

لطفاً برای معلومات های بیشتر و جدید، وب سایت ، فیس بوک و برنامه Skoolbag را مرتباً بررسی کنید. ما اطلاعات فوری را از طریق پیام کوتاه ارسال خواهیم کرد.

من می دانم که همه ناامید کننده است که محدودیت ها یک بار دیگر ضروری هستند ، مهم است که به یاد داشته باشیم این برای سلامتی و امنیت همه است. ماحمایت و همکاری خود را به  دانش آموزان و خانواده های خود ادامه خواهیم داد.

سالم و ایمن باشید،

Bev Hansen

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope that all members of our Dandenong West family have remained well and safe during the school holidays.  Yesterday the government announced that Melbourne would return to Stage 3 restrictions for the next 6 weeks. As part of this return to restrictions there will be an extra week of school holidays; the return to school date for students is now Monday July 20.  Schools have been asked to prepare for a possible return to learning from home, while this is not definite it does seem to be likely.

Please check our Website, Facebook and the Skoolbag App regularly for more detailed updates. We will send urgent information via SMS messaging.

I know that everyone will be disappointed that restrictions are necessary once again, it is important we remember this is for everyone’s health and safety. We will continue to support students and families.

Keep healthy and safe,

Bev Hansen

April 11: Term 2 Arrangement for DWPS


Hello Dandenong West Families, I hope you are all well.

I am sure you have heard that in Term 2 students will be learning from home and most teachers will be working from home to make sure we are all practising social distancing to stop the spread of the corona virus.

The Victorian Government has stated that all students who can learn from home must learn from home.


The Government has also said that schools can offer families the possibility of children attending school in exceptional circumstances, and that is where the adults must go out to their workplace and there is no-one who can look after the children. 

If you have ‘exceptional circumstances’ that would require your child/children to be at school, you must complete the application form that you can find attached to the SMS alert you will receive, on our Website and on the Skoolbag app. or you should ring the school on  9792 2868 on Tuesday April 14th after 11.30am

The school will contact families whose children are in specific groups that we are also able to offer onsite school learning.

On Tuesday April 14th or Wednesday April 15th you will receive a phone call from your child’s teacher or another Staff member so that everyone is ready for Learning at Home to commence.

Learning from home information will be sent out by SMS or through the Website, on Facebook and on the Skoolbag app. So please keep checking.


Keep well,

Beverley Hansen




Letter to parents        Application Form


April 8: From The Staff of DWPS to the students

Dear families, we have created a video to share with you wishing you all a great break, as well as a story we would like to share.



















March 28: School Holidays and the Skoolbag App.

Dear Parents and Carers,


I am writing to confirm the government plans for schools for the rest of this week.  School holidays will begin on Tuesday 24th March.

Students are due to return on 15 April, but this might change in these very uncertain times.


So we can keep in touch with students and families we are asking parents and students to download the free Skoolbag app. ( See the information included with this letter.)

Apple Apps Store       Google Play Store


We also ask that you check our Website and Facebook regularly.  From time to time we will send text messages and emails.

You can download the letter sent to all parents below.        The letter with instructions to the Skoolbag App is below.

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